Big-Game Hunter ES

Model Overview

Big-Game Hunter ES is a day trading model designed to capture intraday volatility in normal trading hours. Its ability to identify short term swing direction enables the model to do well in both directions no matter what the current market conditions are. Big-Game Hunter ES manages its risk through strict money management rules that fosters long term performance consistency.

Historical Performance

All performance results below are based on trading a single contract of E-Mini S&P. $10 round turn commission and 1 tick slippage is deducted from every trade to emulate realistic market conditions. The results is compiled over the period of Sep 1997 to Apr 2019.

Summary: Big-Game Hunter ES produces more than $8,000 yearly after commission and slippage. Based on the recommended initial capital requirement of $15,000 for trading one contract, we are looking at approximately 54% yearly return. With Sharpe Ratio at 2.17 and Sortino Ratio at 7.53, BGH is among the best automated trading strategies you can find.

The performance summary report

The performance curve

Full historical performance report is available upon request.

Live Performance Tracking

April 2019: We are in the process of setting up a reference trading account with Striker Securities to trade Big-Game Hunter ES. Once it is done, we will have actual results posted here.

May 2019: Our reference account was setup and live trading of the account has started. Regular update of the monthly performance will be provided below.

Monthly performance as a percentage of the conservative initial capital of $15,000. Actual results from reference account start from May 2019.

How is this Possible

Market biases on intraday basis, especially in the stock market indices, have been there ever since the beginning of index future trading. Mr. Chan has demonstrated this over and over again in his writings and real-time commentaries. Knowing the existence of such biases is one thing, being able to translate that into functional trading strategies takes a higher level of expertise in trading.

Fun Fact: Even though many hedge funds and quant funds have the resources and brilliant minds in data-mining, their narrow focus on specific risk reward requirement that appeal to their investors make them never looking into many classes of market biases that are readily available for us to take advantage of. In fact, their narrow focus helps re-enforce the type of biases exploited by Big-Game Hunter ES.

Power of Synergy

Big-Game Hunter ES is designed to work in cooperation with our other automated day trading strategies to maximize return on the same capital following Mr. Chan’s mindful design principle. Depending on your personal preference, you can mix and match a combination of these strategies to achieve the ideal investment approach.

Our Fees

The monthly subscription rate for Big-Game Hunter ES is USD $100 per contract. The rate is approximately 15% of the expected profit, below the norm for the hedge fund industry.

Rules Disclosure

The algorithm behind Big-Game Hunter ES is our proprietary trade secret. The exact logic and rules will not be disclosed to our subscribers or anyone else. If you are looking for fully disclosed trading strategies to learn from or to adopt for your own trading, check out our trading courses.

Limited Availability

We are opening limited number of contracts for subscription. Once the limit is reached, we will no longer accept new subscribers. The limit includes both automated trading through brokerages and leasing by family offices and money managers.

The reason for the restriction is simple – Mr. Chan is trading this strategy as part of his portfolio of automated trading in his own fund, thus this is necessary to protect the stability of future performance of the strategy for himself and our clients.

How to Subscribe

We have arranged with Striker Securities to setup automated trading of our trading strategies.

Unlike a hedge fund for which you must deposit money to the fund with lock-in agreement, we take this approach instead so that you have the flexibility of managing your account the way you see fit. Your futures trading account will be opened under Striker with full control by yourself.

For those of you who are ready to trade Big-Game Hunter ES, you can get started by signing up for your brokerage account right here.

For Canadians, you can start by signing up for the brokerage account here.

New Zealanders please contact us for alternative arrangement.

Many brokerages also offer automated trading through Striker. Thus you maybe able to auto trade our trading strategies through your existing broker.

Contact us through email for more details.

Leasing Option for Family Offices and Hedge Funds

For organizations interested in trading Big-Game Hunter ES in-house using your own platform and brokerage, please contact us directly with specifics so that we can determine if we are interested in working with you. Serious inquiry only.